Idrotecnica designs and manufactures automatic monobloc lines with filling and capping machines, with the option of installing various accessories, ideal for the medium production market.

Two units are housed on a single base and operated from a single control panel. The result is the integration of two essential processes in wine and food production in a single oenological machine.

We design both gravity fillers, suitable for bottling wine, spirits, beer, oil and juices, and volumetric fillers, for bottling dense products (jam, tomato puree, sauces, etc.). Our compact monobloc machines are also designed for use with different types of cap: flat cork, press-on, screw, twist-off, crown and pick and place caps, etc.

The conveyor system allows for the quick changeover of equipment to accommodate bottles of various sizes.

The safety guard and safety devices installed make the machines safe in compliance with EEC regulations. The materials used and the shape of the parts manufactured simplify sanitisation and sterilisation.

Monobloc filler and capper con Certificazione DNV - Idrotecnica SRL, Our ideas at your service

Company with
DNV ISO 9001 certified
Quality Management System

Monobloc filler and capper - Idrotecnica SRL

Technical features

  • Maximum output: 2500 pcs/hour
  • Stainless steel framework
  • Safety guards and safety devices compliant with EEC standards
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Adaptable to different size bottles
  • Easy to sanitise and sterilise