Idrotecnica designs and manufactures automatic test benches for high production water meters.

All our benches guarantee high precision with a minimum degree of uncertainty. Each bench can accommodate up to 10 meters simultaneously.

Systems for comparison, volume, weight and certified instruments are used for this type of bench.

Our models cover all meter types, lengths and gauges.

They are equipped with sophisticated control software and a management system for storing test data, with the option of generating reports. The test benches can be networked for the management of data and registrations from offices.

Automatic test benches con Certificazione DNV - Idrotecnica SRL, Our ideas at your service

Company with
DNV ISO 9001 certified
Quality Management System

Automatic test benches - Idrotecnica SRL

Technical features

  • High precision measuring with minimal uncertainty
  • High output
  • Reduced amount of water used
  • Reliability and reduced maintenance
  • Compliance with international safety standards and directives